Rewirable Switch Fuse Unit
Rewirable Switch Fuse Unit
  • Rigorous anti-rust conditioning with seven tank process to ensure smooth and lasting paint finish against corrosive atmosphere
  • All current carrying parts are of high conducting ETP bright copper, suitable to carry the rated current with low temperature rise
  • Ample cabling space provided to terminate copper or aluminium cables with sufficient knock outs in detachable gland plates

Ready Stock Range :-

Rating Box Size (cm)
63A DP 240V 33 x 21 x 11
32 TP 415V 26 X 22 X 9
63 TP 415V 35 X 28 X 13
100TP 415V 41 X 32 X 14
200A 415V Blade 55 x 32 x 18


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